Well, it's really about you and how much we appreciate you being here.

Our initial consultation can include solutions from all of our service.
Initial consultation goes for 90 minutes for $180

Styling and Declutter Package

Decluttering and styling can remove old energy and create extra space within your home, life and mind. This service is perfect for existing or a resale of a home.

If you don't love it, let it go.

$600 for 5 hours | $120/h thereafter

Colour Package

Fresh colour can bring an interior space to life. Everyone has their own style and personality, let's work together to create a space you love to be in.

$600 for 5 hours | $120/h thereafter

Furniture & Accessories Package

Selecting furniture and accessories to create a space that looks goods and feels even better.

Starting from $600 | $120/h thereafter

Spacial Layout / Renovation Package

Customised packages to support and guide you to realise your next step.

Starting from $600 | $120/h thereafter